ECLAC: Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

Welcome to the ECLAC Committee at SCMUN 2019!

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The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean is a regional commission of the United Nations.

ECLAC has 45 member states (20 in Latin America, 13 in the Caribbean, and 12 from outside locations). The commission works to bolster the resilience of these countries and to promote the social wellbeing of the region. The commission goes about this by statistical monitoring methods and by partnering with the UN and NGOs.

Currently, the Latin American and Caribbean region is enduring large amounts of discontent and policy change and thus it is
important that the committee works to secure wellbeing of these regions. In fact, international trade, security, and commerce depend on the security of the region and thus the success of this commission is key to the 2030 agenda for sustainability.