G20: Group of Twenty

Welcome to the G20 Committee at SCMUN 2018!

Position papers are due 03/09/2018 at 11:59pm. Please upload them on the "Resources" tab.

The Group of Twenty is an economic forum of the world’s twenty largest economies, including the European Union, that convene to discuss the world’s most critical economic issues, and threats to a healthy functioning economy.

Topic A: Migration and Refugee Flow's Impact on the Global Economy

As the European Union, and the world overall, receives millions of refugees as a result of conflict in the Middle East and Africa, significant work is required to help find these refugees jobs and keep them out of poverty. These immigrants face great structural unemployment issues and  often require both language and technical training to integrate them into their new economies. In order to prevent a strain on the global and local economies, delegates of this committee must promote economic integration and responsible practices by host countries.  


Topic B: Combating Corruption in the Private Sector

This topic looks at how the G20 countries can work to modify and implement their laws to lower unethical business practices including bribery, practical cooperation, beneficial ownership, private sector integrity and transparency, and vulnerable sectors. This focuses on both traditional businesses and illegal economic practices such as wildlife trafficking. If the government does not ensure that businesses follow domestic and international law, it limits the global economy’s ability to function efficiently, and can lead to higher poverty and unemployment. A transparent and thriving private sector is critical to an economy’s health, and countries must examine how to work with businesses to create that.