ICJ: International Court of Justice

Welcome to the ICJ Committee at SCMUN 2018!

Judges have no position papers and will only be required to review documents in mid-March. 
ICJ Forms (see background guides) are due 03/09/2018 at 11:59pm.
Please submit by email to the chair, Sebastian Walter Young, at

Located in The Hague, the International Court of Justice is the main judicial branch of the United Nations. The ICJ was founded in 1945 by the Charter of the United Nations and arbitrates cases between States using international law such as international conventions and customs. The Court is presided by 15 judges from various United Nations members who serve for a term of nine years.


Case: The Republic of Nicaragua v. The United States of America (1986)

It is 1986 and Nicaragua has brought the United States to the International Court of Justice on charges of breaking several international treaties, illegal military and paramilitary action, violating Nicaragua’s sovereignty, and infringing upon the freedom of the seas, among others. The basis of these claims is the United States’ involvement with the Contras, a group that opposed the current Nicaraguan Sandinista government, but the U.S. maintains that any actions taken were for the defense of Nicaragua’s neighboring countries who were experiencing aggressive acts. As a committee, delegates will be presented with witnesses, testimony, and evidence as they decide the outcome of this contentious case.