SCMUN Community Sponsorship Program

The USG of Community Outreach is in charge of communicating and reaching out to local high schools to get them involved in SCMUN, through the SCMUN Community Sponsorship Program. This prepares high school students with little to no Model UN experience in expanding their skillset and learning from collegiate Model UN students on all aspects of Model UN.

Through the USG of Community Outreach, existing and non-existing high school Model UN programs can apply to receive sponsorships for SCMUN. Through this sponsorship, students will receive a discounted delegate fee, training from SCMUN staff members, and access to Model UN resources from the Model UN team of USC. The SCMUN team highly values local participation in the conferences and wishes to expand their influence through Model UN training and preparation with the students themselves.

This serves as an incredible opportunity to learn more about Model UN, SCMUN, and the process of hosting a collegiate Model UN conference. SCMUN strongly believes in giving all students the opportunity to take part in SCMUN and would never want students to feel discouraged due to financial reasons. Therefore, the sponsorship program exists to give equal opportunities to all students and guide them through the training process in preparation for the conference.

We encourage all students (both individual students and entire high school teams) to apply to our SCMUN Community Sponsorship Program and to ask any question they may have regarding the program.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Model UN?

Model United Nations is an extracurricular activity where students participate in local and national conferences to debate and negotiate on the world’s most pressing issues. Model UN provides students with a range of academic and professional skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, writing, diplomacy, organization, and collaboration.

Months beforehand, students are given assignments to a specific country and a topic and they are expected to research their country’s perspective, experience, ideas, and thoughts on the topic given. This allows students to simulate the United Nations by acting as diplomats the weekend of the conference and putting forth their ideas and solutions in hopes of solving the issue at hand.

Example: Student A is given the country of China in the committee of UNICEF to discuss the issue of Child Soldiers in Northern Africa.

What is SCMUN?

SCMUN, Southern California Model United Nations, is a conference for high school and middle school students hosted by the Model UN team at the University of Southern California. It is a 2-day long conference on March 30-31, 2019, held at the University of Southern California campus in Los Angeles, California. Students from both local and national high school and middle schools attend to simulate committees in the United Nations and solve the world’s most pressing issues.

What are the benefits of the SCMUN Community Sponsorship Program?

  • Discounted delegate fee of $15, in comparison to the $65 delegate fee.

  • Completely waived delegation fee.

  • Conference preparation resources.

  • Trainings hosted by SCMUN staff members, held both at respective schools of students or on-site as USC’s campus.

  • Incredible time learning and meeting other local Los Angeles students and USC students.

Who can apply?

Individual high school students with little to no Model UN experience can apply. Existing Model UN teams can also apply to the program.

If my Model UN team does not require financial assistance, can we still apply for training?

Yes! If you are a brand new Model UN team or a team with very little experience that does NOT require financial assistance, we encourage you to apply to the Community Sponsorship Program for conference preparation and training from members of the SCMUN staff. 

Apply to the program and simply indicate “No financial assistance needed. Just training preferred” to indicate this. We will contact you immediately to discuss details of training dates, preparation, and resources. 

Those who apply and receive financial aid will also receive training as a part of the program. However, those who do not wish for financial aid can still get the opportunity to receive training and resources from SCMUN staff members through training dates (TBD) scheduled at the USC campus.

How can I apply?

The program application will be available pending the announcement of SCMUN 2020.