DISEC: First Committee, Disarmament & International Security

Welcome to the First Committee of the General Assembly at SCMUN 2018!

Position papers are due 03/09/2018 at 11:59pm. Please upload them on the "Resources" tab.

The Disarmament and International Security Committee, or First Committee of the UN General Assembly, is tasked to deal with issues of disarmament and related global challenges and threats to the peace of the international community.

Topic A: Small Arms Trade and Proliferation

The issue of small arms proliferation and their illicit trade is among the most pressing and pervasive security threats facing the international community. Amnesty International has reported that an estimated 875 million small arms and light weapons are currently in international circulation, and the organization has noted that this number appears to be growing. As a result, armed violence runs rampant, and is thought to be the source of 508,000 deaths per year according to the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development. In order to restore peace to the international community, this committee will be tasked with regulating and suppressing the small arms production and trade that wreaks havoc on the world.


Topic B: Combating Violent Non-State Actors

Almost every country has legislation specifically dictating authorization of military force against other states, but very few have any way of dealing with the rise of actors not affiliated with a country who act without international recognition. With the rise of these non-state actors, it is clear that the international protocols for combating violence and other violations of international norms, especially by group unaffiliated in the traditional sense, are in dire need of an upgrade. This committee will be tasked with addressing these intersections as well as determining appropriate policies for states to combat non-state actors, which boasts an ever-growing presence in the 21st century.