DISEC: First Committee, Disarmament & International Security

Welcome to the First Committee of the General Assembly at SCMUN 2019!

This committee is double delegate.

The First Committee of the General Assembly, the Disarmament and International Security committee (DISEC) deals with topics centered around global issues, threats to peace and international security. Particularly, the committee engages in debates of disarmament and is famously known for its creation in 1946 due to the recent events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Under DISEC, the General Assembly considers general principles of co-operation in the best interests of international peace and security. Topics of debate in this committee are pressing as the affect of some actions hold magnitude and weight that are perilous and detrimental to all countries.

Topic 1: Cyber Security

Recently, events like the Russian hacking on the US election and Israeli-Iranian tensions have exemplified the effectiveness and dangerousness that cyber warfare has in this technological age. However, unlike physical attacks and invasions of countries, there are no clearly defined plans of actions for responding to cyber security and warfare. In addition to these attacks between countries, there has also been a large rise in hackings of private companies by non-identified entities in the past few years. Discussing this topic in a DISEC committee therefore can be split into two categories: national and private security. While not every country has been faced with cyber security threats, it is obviously an extremely relevant issue moving forward to an increasingly technological era where lots of confidential data is stored online. In addition to securing cyber-borders, discussing this issue in this committee can also lead to solutions regarding the development of private companies and thus economies in smaller countries.

Topic 2: Yemeni Civil War

While this war has been raging on since 2015, many recent developments have affected the situation with the United States verbally denouncing the Saudi government’s role in perpetuating violence. The war has been extremely lethal to Yemeni people with a famine threatening much of the population since 2016. Despite this, violence in the impoverished nation has been severely under discussed on the international stage. While it obviously poses extreme threats to the Yemeni people themselves, the war is fueled by a network of international arms trade and support from players within the Middle East and across the globe, which delegates will be asked to address.