JCC Catalonian Independence: Joint Crisis Committee

Welcome to SCMUN 2018's Joint Crisis Committee!

SCMUN 2018 is proud to offer exciting and dynamic crisis committees to its delegates. Our JCC is no exception, requiring delegates in each committee to utilize diplomacy to the fullest to work with each other and resolve some of the world's most pressing political, economic, and cultural issues. A joint crisis committee is composed of two separate committees representing two different sides of an issue; the two will exist in the same "crisis world", dealing with issuesand each otheras necessary over time.

*Please note there will be TWO committees formed on this topic, one representing the Spanish side, and the other representing the Catalonian side.

Topic: Catalonian Independence (1938)

The Catalan independence movement started in 1922 as the desire for the region of Catalonia, located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, to be independent from Spain. A region with its own history, flag, and even language, Catalonia has long felt that its cultural divide with Spain serves as a reasonable basis to secede. During the Second Spanish Republic, Catalonia was granted autonomy, if not statehood, and formed its own government, the Generalitat of Catalonia. The Generalitat lasted only six years until General Francisco Franco and his Nationalists abolished Catalan autonomy following the Spanish Civil War. It is now 1938 and the Generalitat, refusing to dissolve, insists that Catalonia will be independent, no matter the costs. The Francoist Spanish Government cannot afford to ignore this rebellious region, as it strives to create a unified Spain. On the eve of World War II, what will happen to Spain and Catalonia?