Novice UNICEF: United Nations Children's Fund

Welcome to the UNICEF Committee at SCMUN 2019!

*Please note this committee will only be in session on 03/31/18 and is designed for middle school delegates.

Founded in 1946 as a response to the devastation of World War II, the United Nations Children’s Fund provides humanitarian relief and development assistance to mothers and children. With its aim to “save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential,” UNICEF promotes a number of programs that protect children, provide education, encourage growth and innovation, and assist in emergencies.

UNICEF relies on volunteer fieldwork and fundraising and sponsorship efforts which allows it to operate in over 190 countries and territories. Recent programs and aims of the body include securing displaced children, combatting infectious disease through immunization, and promoting access to innovative and equal education.

Topic: Child Migration in Central America

This topic addresses the movement of persons under the age of 18, with or without their parents, across international borders. Migration at such a young age brings a number of challenges, including increased threat to trafficking and exploitation, integration into the arrival country, and legal challenges for unaccompanied children, amongst others. One region particularly impacted by this is Central America. Beginning in 2014, unaccompanied children and women from the Northern Triangle of Central America seeking home in the United States grew exponentially; tens of thousands of women and children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Several of these children have been subject to being killed or victimized by trafficking, exploitation, abuse, or violence. Considering the policies of family separation and continued violence in Central America, it is as urgent as ever that this committee seeks a consensus on how to protect child migrants.